Klara Zlatanov




My name is Klara Zlatanov, just in case you thought I chose some random words for my domain. 

I’m passionate about making people feel. Seeing how a person reacts to an ad is what drives me to be in this industry. It motivates me to dedicate as many hours as possible to ‘getting it right’. Once an idea is sparked in my mind, it feels like I am a young girl again, on top of a spiralling slide. Heart beating fast, going though all the possible scenarios, sweating a bit, but deciding at the end to let go, enjoy the ride and hope that I land on my feet; while my mum claps and smiles because I survived. That is what I do, I make people feel. 

When I was little I was obviously all about business in the front and party in the back, but now that I have a little more control over my hairstyles, I don't have this mullet anymore, I have a blonde one. Don't believe me? Meet with me in person, and find out for yourself. My contact page is just a click away.